Enrollment Fees and Costs
Crossroads Christian School's fees are annual.  There are no monthly costs.  Fees are good for one calendar year or one grade level, whichever comes first (fee is not reduced for mid-year enrollments).  Fees are due at time of enrollment.


Current Fee Schedule:  

Students in grades Kindergarten - Eighth (K-8):  $75.00 per child.*

Students in grades Ninth - Eleventh (9-11): $100.00 per child.

Students in grade Twelve (12th) or graduating year: $175.00

*Students in grades below ninth wanting credit for high school-level work may be charged an additional fee.  Email our office at ccsadmin@cox.netfor more information.

Credit Acceptance Fee:

If the student has earned high school credits at home or through a means other than an accredited school and would like those credits applied toward the graduation requirements, a Credit Acceptance Fee of $100.00 is required for each year accepted.

For example:  If a student enrolls in CCS for eleventh grade they will pay a $100.00 Enrollment Fee.  This student also wants their credits for grades ninth and tenth accepted and placed on the official transcript with CCS.   In addition to the Enrollment Fee, they will need to pay a Credit Acceptance Fee of $100.00 for credits completed in ninth grade, and $100.00 for credits completed in tenth grade.  The total amount due is $300.00.

Accepted credits will appear on the student's official high school transcript, which will be mailed directly to requesting colleges and/or schools upon graduation or departure from CCS.

Parents may review an informal listing of credits by requesting a High School Credit Statement once a year from CCS.

International Students:

Due to the additional expense in postage, international enrollments will be charged the following fee - effective March 1, 2016:

Grades K-11: $5.00 per student

Grade 12 or those graduating: $22.50 per student

This does not include any specialized shipping such as Overnight or Express, nor does it cover packages that weigh more than what is typical.  Additional fees to cover those expenses may be applied, as needed.

Discounts for Families Enrolling More than One Child:

We offer a 20 percent discount off of the total tuition if the family is enrolling more than one child.  This discount is only applied to the total of the tuition for grades K-11 and does not include grade 12 (or graduating year).  There is no discount on the Credit Acceptance Fee.  The students must be all siblings living at the same physical address.


Mary Smith - Grade 11 - $100.00

June Smith - Grade 7 - $75.00

Total: $175.00

20% Discount: - $35.00

Final Total Due: $140.00

Second Example:

Susan Taylor - Grade 10 - $100.0

Brad Taylor - Grade 5 - $75.00

Karen Taylor - Grade 6 - $75.00

Total: $250.00

20% Discount: -$50.00

New Total: $200.00

Ann Taylor - Grade 12 - $175.00

Susan Taylor's Credit Acceptance for Grade 9 - $100.00

Final Total Due: $475.00

Payment Plan Option:

We are offering a payment plan for a limited time.  Parents may choose to pay only 50 percent of their total tuition cost at the time of registration with the remaining 50 percent due within 60 days.  Enroll/re-enroll now while enrollment is open.  For details, contact ccsadmin@cox.net.

Credit Acceptance fees do not qualify for the payment plan and must be paid in full at time of enrollment.

Note:  First payment must be submitted when enrollment forms are mailed. Final payment must be postmarked within 60 days of the enrollment (60 days from the postmark on the original enrollment/payment) for those who choose to use the 50/50 Payment Plan.  If the final payment is not postmarked within 60 days, parents will be required to pay the full tuition cost in order to remain registered and will forfeit any payments previously made.  Extensions will not be given.  Participation in the 50/50 Payment Plan is optional.  Parents who do not desire to pay in installments may pay the total due in full at the time of registration.

Additional Important Information:

Fees cover one calendar year or one grade level only.  If the student finishes a grade level in less than 180 days and begins another, new fees will need to be submitted along with the necessary enrollment forms.  If the student extends a grade level beyond a calendar year, new fees will need to be sent to CCS.  This includes reports that are not submitted within 370 days after enrollment (one calendar year plus five days for mailing).

For transferring students, any attendance earned from a public or private school prior to enrolling with CCS will be applied to the current school year.  For example, if John enrolls in CCS in November 2009 and attended Lakeshore Public School for 20 days during the months of August and September, those 20 days will be applied toward CCS' 180-day requirement for that school year.  The fees submitted when registered with CCS will cover John's enrollment until August 2010.

Up to four transcripts from Crossroads to other institutions are free.  Any transcript exceeding the four will cost $5.00 per transcript payable in advance.

There are No Refunds.  Our fees are kept at a minimum.  Large portion of our service is provided at the time of registration.  Because of this and the need to keep our costs low, we do not offer refunds. If one believes they will immediately enroll their child into a public school, we suggest postponing enrollment in Crossroads until a final decision is made.  Fees are subject to change without notice.

Payment must be included with the enrollment in order for it to be processed.  Payment may be made in the form of a money order, personal check, or credit card.  We accept credit cards through Paypal only.  Checks and money orders may be mailed to our office.

There is a $25.00 returned check fee, which includes closed accounts or stop payments.  Payment made after the case of a returned check will need to include the additional fee and be in the form of a Money Order or through Paypal.  Any declined or disputed Paypal payments will also have a service fee applied.  Students will be withdrawn from CCS until the tuition and fees are paid. Records and transcripts will not be transferred until all balances are paid in full.

To pay with Paypal, simply click on the banner.


Note: Once logged into Paypal, click on the Send Money tab.  To send a quick and secure payment, use our email address ccsadmin@cox.net.  Don't forget to add the student's name and address in the "Notes" section.



Over the last eighteen years our fees have increased only a few times by a very small percentage.

We are proud to provide this service to homeschooling families at a price most can afford!

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Payment Options

We accept Checks, Money Orders, and Credit Cards - through Paypal only.   Address to use is ccsadmin@cox.net